Rally Update;

Plans are well advanced for the running of this event. Obviously this will all depend upon the advanced being made with a vaccine for the Coronavirus. We hope that because of our new date , secured with the MOD, of 25th July 2021 that the event should be secure from any disruption such that we saw this year.

In November, the Clerk of the Course, Malcolm Higgins, paid another visit to  the venue to check mileages and the special tests, this is what he had to say to the website;
"I recently went back to our venue at Catterick to check mileages and have a full run around all the tests. After this I can tell everyone that we have a total road mileage of 28 miles with some 22 miles of special tests on a good mix of surfaces. I have had to tweak the road route a little bit to make it safer for competitors, so that will need to be resubmitted after Christmas. I've also moved some of the obstacles on the special tests, so I hope that I have got the right mix of speed and difficulty. I can definitely say that there will be places where the drivers can give it some beans and others where they will have to apply caution and a lot of thought. After today I can honestly say that I expect this to be a good event. Following the disappointment of this year I and the rest of the team cannot wait to get going to deliver the Club's first competitive event since 2006"

As this is a club event we need as much help on the day as we can muster. So DON'T FORGET THE DATE FOR YOU DIARY - 25TH JULY 2021!!
If anyone can offer help then they can contact the Clerk of the Course on 07790 108826 and continue to watch this page for updates.

Containers Required:
The above event requires spill kits at the beginning and the end of tests. However we don't have any in our store. So the organisers are asking if anyone has any plastic tubs, similar to those in which you can buy fat balls for the birds, or large Ice Cream tubs, then please can they let us know or alternatively they can be dropped off at the Club when we re open.