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Marshalling with De Lacy Motor Club is easy and enjoyable. Keep watching this page for requests for marshals for events up and down the country. 

Ensure that if you want to come with us that you are registered with Motorsport UK.

Follow this link to undertake the initial training in order to register.

Latest Marshalling Requests

These requests are posted in date received order - please read the date of event before contacting the organisers

Date received 9th August 2023 - request from Elizabeth Klinkenberg

Hello all,
I hope that you are well.
I have a number of rally's coming up that I would like assistance with. They are all using Rally Stage Team so if you have access to the system please register your interest on there for the event and also please let me know as I don't always see the notifications when people are added to the list.
**If you don't have access to Rally Stage Team that is fine. Just let me know and I will add you to my list. **
I will also have paper signing one sheets for those who don't have access to printers
NB if you are able to help and want to email me please specify the event you are available for so I don't add you to the wrong list (I have done it before). I will send separate emails for the events as I get more details but due to school holidays I have limited time and inclination to send 3 separate emails asking the same question.

One thing that would be helpful to know is what vehicle you have, especially if it's a 4x4 that you are willing to park in slightly more awkward locations.
For for a bit of information on each rally.
( I know I always do Gale Rigg but it's a nice stage to set up especially with the set up crew I have) Ps new volunteers for setting up are welcome
Signing on at stage start - 7.10- 7.40
PLEASE LEAVE ROOM SO I CAN GET TO THE START IF YOU ARRIVE EARLY. My car is not 4x4 so struggles to get past cars if there's not a lot of room and I have to go too far off the track.
First car is due 9.30 ish

This is also live on RST but at present I don't have timings but will send details asap.

This will be the first time I run a closed road stage so please come and help. Details to follow.
If you are willing and able to assist please let me know. All help is welcome.
I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Date received 2nd August 2023

Ilkley and District Motor Club, Jubilee Historic Rally Sunday 3rd September 2023. 

Event starts in Leyburn and finishes in Catterick. Marshals required as observers and to time on regularity sections and tests. If you're able to help out on the day then please contact the Chief Marshal, Joe Mallinson via email at or register on the Ilkley District Club website hereWas a great day out last year! 

Date received 4th July 2023

Vale of York Stages 10th September 2023;

Lindholme Motor Sports Club would like your assistance in running this year’s  Vale of York Stages Rally at Melbourne Airfield near York on Sunday 10th September 2023. You can register via this link (only after entries open or by contacting myself at  Please pass on this information to any of your friends or club members who might wish to help us out.

Further work has taken place at the venue to improve it for both marshals and competitors. We will be holding our usual marshals draw and we will have catering on site this year. Marshals will enter via the main gate to the site, as normally used by competitors, service crews.

As always we rely on a large number of marshals and other volunteers to be safe and successful and we’re very grateful for your support and commitment.

Please remember  newcomers to marshalling can complete their Registered Marshal Accreditation on the Motorsport UK website. 

Date Received 11th July :- Something Different

The Historic Rally Festival 2023 are looking for marshals of all disciplines to cover Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October primarily at Weston Park, but also incorporating a new venue Hatton Grange for the first stages on the Saturday morning.

  • This is an MSUK event, currently hosting an MSUK Marshalling Taster Day
  • Covered by MSUK TV, Channel 4 Motorsport and Special Stages.
  • Special guest commentary from Louise Aitken Walker, Howard Davies and Paul Woodford.
  • Entry restricted to 80 hand selected vehicles. Full entry list available on our website.
  • Free camping is available at Weston Park.
  • Firework display after the night stages Saturday
  • Meet & Greet in the main arena
  • Food stalls / merchandise and static display managed by Fox Motorsport should you be interested in a stand there too.
  • Programmes and Snacks provided.

Please email your interest to attend this prestigious event to

Thank You 

Amanda Baron

Chief Marshal – Historic Rally Festival 2023