Winter 12 Car Rally Series

This year De Lacy Motor Club have decided to organise a number of twelve car rallies between now and the end of March., and then after the end of British Summer Time in  October. 

Read the report of round 1 below. The second will be running on Friday 25th March 2022

Round 1 - Friday 21st January 2022, Report and Results: 

Friday 21st January saw the Club run its first twelve car rally since any of us can remember. Organised by John Cunningham and Andy Walshaw, the event had a full entry for a rally to be run on OS maps 105 and 111. Crews assembled early on Friday night for documentation at the clubhouse. A short run from the clubhouse crews arrived at MTC1 ahead of the start time of 20:01 for the first car of James Pickard and Ben Hotham. The evening had turned chilly despite the forecast for a mild night, it seemed that crews might face some colder weather.

James and Ben were followed from MTC1 by a further 10 cars, with Club members Allan Norton and Paul Williamson having pulled their entry earlier in the day due to illness sadly.

Here is the full running order:

1. James Pickard Ben Hotham (N)

2. Dave Hadley Rebecca Atkinson (N)

4.Dave Thompson Russell Thompson (N)

5. Peter Scott James Greenall (N)

6. Peter Clegg Sarah Clegg (N)

7. Ken Quinn Arthur Heaton (N)

8. Neil and Claire Raven (N)

9. Ben Brooks  Adrian Brooks (N)

10. Andy Harrison Henry Carr (E)

11. Jason Metcalfe Joe Mallinson (E)

12. James Taylor Ian Mitchell (E)

Cars left MTC 1 and had a gentle run out through Beal, via Cridling Stubbs to IRTC2 crossing the main east coast mainline for what would not be the first time  during the evening. the trickiest part of the route was  about top show itself where crews had to cope with four devious crossovers from map 105 to 111 and back again, looping around Little Smeaton Womersley. Heading from IRTC5 cars tackled a serie4s of yellows to the east of the A19. By the time they reached here they'd had to cope with another crossing of the railway line and as the frost dropped the roads became quite slippery on the largely unused roads around Balne, with a number wrong slotting near the woods at Chapel Hill. Once back on map 105 the route wound its way through Burn, skirting the airfield,  Chapel Haddlesey to the final time control outside Hambleton.

There was much talk of the success of this event back at the clubhouse with many looking forward to our next one on 25th March. John and Andy were thankful for the marshals who had turned out to stand in the freezing conditions.

Don't forget Round 2 Friday 25th March - Supplementary Regulations available soon