Club History

De Lacy Motor Club

 Has a long and distinguished history in Motorsport.

 In 2024, we celebrate 60 years in our current clubhouse . We will be celebrating with a number of events and activities across the year.  We hope to run a special 10 year edition of the Seven Dales Heritage Run. So keep watching this page and our News page for more details! 

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On the 23rd October 1952 at a meeting of 20 “founder members”, the De Lacy Motor Club was formed and with the permission of the De Lacy Family, adopted the name of the original Motor Club formed in 1911 by Lord De Lacy of Pontefract. To this day a number of those founding members, are still members of the club. 

Some of the first recorded events of the club were:

◦Navigation Event 29th March 1953

◦Rally 17th May 1953

◦Gymkhana 15th July 1953

◦Standard Car Trial 20th September 1953

In those days the club used to meet at the Queens Hotel in Pontefract and during the 1950s it moved to it’s first clubhouse. This was in Ferrybridge and is located somewhere under the oldA1!This burial, as a result of the development of the A1 dual carriageway in the 1960s meant that the club was on the move again. In 1964 the current clubhouse known to us all as the “Rallyhouse” was purchased. This was the old school in Brotherton which was renovated, converted and donated by some of the founding members of the club.

We are one of the very few Motor Sport Affiliated clubs in the UK with it's own premises. Our clubhouse, capable of catering for over one hundred people, is often used by other clubs for meetings and briefings and has a lively social calendar. Amongst the benefits of our clubhouse are its own car park, spacious interior and of course its licensed and fully stocked bar!Attached premises are utilised by a motorsport communications company

Our members down the decades have added to our trophy cabinet and we have items on display which evoke memories of the halcyon days of long distance rallying.

As far as the motorsport commitment of the club is concerned, we have a long history of successful Rally organisation.Over the years the club has organised some of the best Rallying in the UK we are well known for our organisational expertise.

De Lacy organised the Seven Dales Rally road rally, which was always well subscribed. This event was a very popular event at the beginning of the year and has seen some very famous winners in its time. Amongst those winners was Roger Clark so it is with pride that as a club we currently organise the running of the Roger Albert Clark Rally.

The Seven Dales, to later be known as the Mintex Seven Dales rally, became the vehicle for the club to become involved in stage rallying and the event, under the sponsorship of a number of different companies, was the opening round of the British Rally Championship for many years. The Rally first ran in the Forests of North Yorkshire in 1969.Some of the companies we are pleased to have worked closely with are Mintex, National Breakdown, Cartel Communications and Talkland Communications.

In more recent times, De Lacy have become the driving force behind the 'proper rally' concept that became the Roger Albert Clark Rally.

This event is inspired by the RAC Rallies of old and from its first running in 2004 is now well established in the historic rallying calendar.If you want to see classic rally cars in their natural habitat then this is the event for you!No four-wheel drive, no turbos, just good 'old-fashioned' power sliding!

Year on year this rally event has given us epic battles in some of the best rallying forests that Britain has to offer.The first year might have been the one of Wilson, Blomqvist, Mikkola head to head; surely the stuff that legends are made of, but each successive year has had it's own moments.What about Higgins taking the spoils in 2005? McCrae pulling it out ahead of Jeremy Easson when it all looked in the bag?The superb run by Steve Bannister in 2007, chased all the way by Jimmy McCrae?The spectacular driving of young Ulsterman Martin McCormack?

As well as these major events, DeLacy has also tried to continue to put on events to cater for the clubman.In recent years we have seen the Thor Hammer and the Spring Stages being run as single venue events on Driffield airfield and the club enjoys one of the longest sponsorship collaborations in the area with the KallKwik Rally.This event now runs as a support event to the Roger Albert Clark Rally but our association with Kall Kwik Print:Copy:Design goes back to 1994 when the company came forward to support our forest event as it was re-introduced into the calendar as a National-B permit event. Therefore 2009 was the fifteenth year of association between DeLacy and Kall Kwik.

De Lacy motor club remains a very active club in both the organisation of our own events and marshalling on those of other clubs. We regularly supply a large number of qualified radio crews for other events across the country and we have twelve radio crews currently registered, together with two regional radio co-ordinators. We will always respond to any requests for assistance on events and our members can be seen out on events large and small across the country most weekends.