Taurus Half Night Road Rally

Page updated 23rd April  2023 14:48hrs

Taurus Navigational Half Night Rally
News Updates.

Last Updated 27th May 2023

Event Update.

The organising committee for the above event would like to thank everyone who came along to this the first of what we hope will many other navigational rallies of this format. We acknowledge that in our first year we had some organisational issues, but following a frank meeting on the 23rd May we have addressed these issues for future. If you want to come along next year then the date will be announced shortly. The event next year will see a substantial change to the organisation committee with at least  new Clerk of the Course who is stepping down due to ill health. So thank you again for turning out and for all the feedback which we have received to turn this event into a first class event for everyone to enjoy.  We hope to see you all again next year.

!Watch out for our New Logo in future, shown here for the first time!

Marshals Prize Draw - In order to show our appreciation to all the marshals who turned out to help us, many at short notice, we thank you. Our staffing issues were eased on the night by the large numbers who turned out. All those who turned out and signed on were entered into a cash prize draw totalling £50 and the winners are shown below;

  • First Prize      £25  - Arthur Heaton
  • Second Prize £15 - Robert Eltringham
  • Third Prize    £10 -  Brian Staker
Thank You!!